Spring Break — Part II

After a desperately long hiatus, I’m finally getting around to the second half of this post.  Apologies.

In the meantime, other travel has occurred of course and apparently little writing!

So in an attempt to catch up on both my travel and my writing, I’m keeping this post short and filled with images of New Mexico.

General impressions of New Mexico:

  • Scruffy tree-bushes that look like skinny legged, dreadlocked teenagers lounging around the desert plains (Xanthorrhoea or grass trees in Western Australia have a chequered naming history).
  • Big blue skies with the occasional fluffy white cloud to remind you that it is real
  • Light that paints everything in the most vivid colours
  • The stark and surprising contrast in landscape from desert plains to snow-capped mountains.

It is a place that Georgia O’Keefe found inspiration. It is the muse of artists and photographers. A place of solitude and reflection, with the option to indulge in company. It is cosmopolitan, and reclusive. It is a place I could easily settle in.


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